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Michael Peckham is best known for his abstract figurative paintings in oils and acrylic. He has also produced mono-prints, three dimensional collages and work derived from codes and script..

The paintings in his first solo exhibition at the Bear Lane Gallery in Oxford in 1964 were landscape-based and vigorous in their use of colour. Circular forms in this early work were developed and formalised into a series of cycle paintings which led on to constructional paintings using folded paper and cardboard tubing often partially concealing figures or natural forms.

A preoccupation with hidden structure and function formed the basis of his 2001 exhibition “Bodyworks.”  In subsequent paintings he has drawn on an increasingly diverse range of sources from mythology and from his past work as a cancer specialist, a link made explicit in the installation “Treatments,” schematic images of patients exhibited in 2004. More recently he used his own experience of post-herpetic neuralgia to respond in real time in a “zona” series of drawing and paintings to the experience of pain. His current work centres around the human figure, colour is more to the fore and he has returned to an interest in built-out structural paintings employing surface materials such as netting, mesh and polystyrene.


Michael Peckham in conversation with David Medalla